Self-Introduction, I have kept it short and sweet! I am Matt Woodbury. I am a social worker and volunteer in arranging community workshops for different segments of society. Here, I share my understandings and experiences from the workshops and interactions with experts from legal, financial, psychology domains.

What is the first thing you think of when you mull over separating from your spouse or partner? How to go about it? What is the immediate thing you should do? These are the real concerns and cannot be swept under the carpet until your spouse or partner serves you divorce notice.

The first thing I would feel any couple should do it to try to reconcile! Unless, it is a distraught case of domestic violence and abuse of any kind. If both of you are honest with your feelings about each other and think you cannot reconcile, separation option can be thought over. This is my personal stand on entire episode of separation and divorce.

Having said that, there are ways to make the transition less traumatic. Thorough understanding and planning of your future is the first thing you both should sit and think about. Other things will follow.

Yes, this site is all about how to simplify your divorce process – a standpoint that deviates from carrying forward negativity in a relationship that will soon be thing of the past. Think about it.