Living Under Same Roof after Separation  –  Is it Possible?

Living Under Same Roof after Separation – Is it Possible?

Divorce brings along lots of pain, emotional distress, mental stress, financial constraint, and unhealthy disputes between couples that were probably in love once. Having a divorce and letting one go is easier when the couple doesn’t have kids, but when there are children involved in a relationship then separating and letting each other becomes quite difficult.

As confirmed by few recent reports over past five years in Melbourne (Australia), a large number of a married couple are living under one roof even after separation. This is a mutually decided decision from the most who decide to separate yet still share the same roof. The common reason that majority of couples of deciding to live under the same roof is because of financial reasons.

It was witnessed during the situation of global financial crises that the numbers of couples living under one roof after separation have increased to a great extent, and even today the rate persists to be high

So, what are the possible reasons!

For most of the couples, the decision to live together, at least for a temporary duration, is because of numerous reasons, like high prices of rent, unable to afford secondary household, unable to meet the financial requirements individually and to meet the regular utility bills.

Other than this, there are other reasons for couples to live together after separation by their choice. Such couples prefer to live together not on a temporary basis, but on a permanent basis. They consider this as an opportunity to live permanently that offers them the opportunity to live with their children in the same house.

While the conventional experiences dictate that living with your divorced person must not be a feasible decision, the modern situations consider it as a way to spend time with the children and to stay engaged into the regular household arrangements. So, if you too are having a divorce but don’t want to miss out staying with your children, and even don’t want your children to be hampered with all the situation, then it is wise to decide to stay with your partner under one roof.

Hence, there are various driving factors for couples to stay together under a roof even after the divorce. But, as per the Family law point of view, such an arrangement has no legal significance till the time the couple wants to get divorced or need to resolve a dispute as per the family law courts.

According to the Family Law Act, both the parties can get divorced or can be separated even if they decide to live under one roof. The law confirms that married parties can decide to have separated and lived under one roof in the same residence or they can decide to render some household services to each other in order to ensure that either their financial requirements are met or their children do not suffer because of their divorce.

Are there any Legal Conditions to be met?

If you wish to meet the situation, then it is essential for you to make an application for divorce. For this, it is essential for the parties to stay separated for almost a year. Coupled that intend to live under the same shelter even after the divorce can do so by filing an evidence in support of the application. This is imperative to establish that they are living separately for a specific span of time.

Expert divorce lawyers can assist you with such applications of property, divorce, and parenting matters after separation. So, if you wish to gain adequate legal assistance in this concern, then you should contact legal experts at any time.

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