Stressed Out due to Separation? LOOK AFTER YOURSELF

Stressed Out due to Separation? LOOK AFTER YOURSELF

Advices, Federal Circuit Court of Australia.The court suggests some really good tips to get on with your separation. Check them out here (presented as is):
Learn about your stressors and put changes in place to avoid them
Overuse of alcohol or medications usually make the situation worse
Operate in a positive way. Give yourself a pat on the back for doing something well
Keep focusing on the good, even in difficult situations
Accept the things that can’t be changed
Find time to relax
Talk to a friend or family member
Eat healthy meals
Realise that things will eventually get better
You can make a list of everything you enjoy doing
Ordinary is ok. Lower the bar!
Understand your body and recognise when you need extra help
Realise that there are only so many hours in a day
Seek the assistance of a doctor or counsellor
Energise with gentle exercises like a walk or a bike ride
Look for ways alter the situation and adapt to the stressor
Find a way to break your goals into small steps
Remember, you can’t give your best for your kids if you don’t look after yourself too.




Getting Help to beat Separation Stress

Separation Stress directly reflects on a various aspect of your life like health, social interactions professional life, and thoughts. Hitting around the same idea of “why is it happening to you?” will not help much. Instead, regain your life by getting help available from diverse sources. Such as,
1. Family Assistance office
2. Family Relationship Centres
3. Separation and divorce Counselling Centres
4. Legal advice from family lawyers
5. Mediators and collaborative lawyers
6. Workshops arranged by volunteering social workers
7. Community arranged talks

Separating families have a lot to lose, hence the stress and overbearingly cautiousness not to lose on anything. This fear and insecurities are for real reasons. If the above-mentioned assistance centres can help you come to terms with your separation reality and if you can work out arrangements yourself, you need not go to court. This saves you money, time and double stress because you don’t know what court may decide!
By the time, you file your divorce petition in court, you are already full of depression, despair, stress, anxiety, anger and frustration. The uncontrollability of the outcome from the court case, adds to all these troubled thoughts.
If you are a victim of domestic violence and abuse, reach out to domestic violence helplines immediately. The staff are trained to communicate empathetically, and effectively to provide support and solutions. They help you understand your personal safety strategies see the signs of like abusive behaviour.
In case of domestic violence, get help for:
• Legal assistance
• Medical assistance
• Financial assistance
• Counselling
• Immediate need for accommodation
• Domestic violence redressal services
Instead of stressing you can get help for whatever family separation issues you have. Short-term counselling by volunteer groups help you gain a new perspective. Sharing your concerns and frustrations may help develop resilience and deal with the separation episode effectively.

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